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Whether you are located nearby and looking to save on shipping or are from out of town and feel like taking a daytrip, we are happy to welcome you to the nursery to retrieve your order in person.

But before you hop in the car to head on over, please be aware that:


You may not know it, but we are a small, family-run operation with no storefront or regular business hours. In the past, we have had visitors arrive unannounced to find us either not home or otherwise unavailable, and that's just no good for anyone! So, please make sure you contact us at least 48 hours in advance of your intended visit to make sure the date / time of day works for us, too.

We Are Located At:

24 Rohrerstown Road
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603


While you will certainly find our address in your favorite GPS/map provider, we're sorry to report that the directions they generate are usually wrong – instead of delivering you to our driveway, they will take you around the corner to a point that's close to our location, but not exactly where you will need to be.

In an effort to avoid having you knock on our neighbors' door (it has happened), please use the link above to generate directions (that will work!) and also please take note of the following:


• Take the PA-741 exit and turn onto Rohrerstown Road (PA-741) toward Millersville/Rohrerstown.

• After crossing over Marietta Avenue and passing the Lime Spring shopping center (on your right), you will reach a traffic light with a left turning lane for Lowes – turn RIGHT into the driveway that's just before the traffic light (mailbox says "24").


• Head north on Rohrerstown Road (PA-741) until you reach the traffic light to enter the parking lot for Lowes.

• If traffic allows, turn LEFT into the driveway that's just past the traffic light (mailbox says "24"). If you are not able to turn left, continue on Rohrerstown Road, turn left or right at Embassy Drive to turn around and return to Rohrerstown Road in the opposite direction.

• Continue on Rohrerstown Road until you return to the traffic light to enter the parking for Lowes – turn RIGHT into the driveway that's just before the traffic light (mailbox says "24").