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What varieties are for sale?

The products your see during the "Preview" May 7th - 10th indicate what will be available. The annual sale will officially start at 8:00pm EDT on May 10th and supplies are limited!

Is my account from the old website still available?

Customer accounts and sales histories were exported from the old website, but they have not yet been added to the fold here. As such, it is advised that you create a new customer account here on the new website:

1) Click on the "person" icon in the website header (next to the shopping cart) to access the Customer Account login screen. That is both where you will establish a new account as well as login to your account once it has been created.

2) Next, you'll automagically receive an email containing a link to activate your account. Make sure you find / click that link!

3) Once you are logged in, you can add / edit your shipping address so that that step will auto-complete during checkout. Over time, your account will also show your purchase history.

Can I store my credit card info?

Shopify does not enable Customer Accounts to store payment / credit card info due to PCI Compliance issues associated with housing customers' financial information. Other options to help speed up the checkout experience include:

• Checkout with Paypal, Apple Pay or Google Pay

• Use Shopify's Shop App

Does putting an item in my cart "hold" the item for me until I check out?

No, it does not. Another customer who is shopping at the same time as you could purchase the item that's in your cart before you do. Shopify will remove the item from inventory once the payment processing has begun at checkout. We explored a lot of ways to get around this, but the current way has proven to be best. As always, we appreciate your patience in this process!

The variety I'm after isn't for sale. Are you *sure* it's unavailable?

With all the hours that have gone into cutting, organizing and preparing for this sale, it's safe to say that we've become pretty intimately familiar with what is (and isn't) available. Again, as things become available, we will add them so check back regularly!

That said, you can reach out to ask – just please be patient if we don't reply immediately as we are all-hands-on-deck receiving and fulfilling orders at the moment!