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Flavor Profiles

There are hundreds of named fig tree varieties out there, with each carrying its own unique taste profile as well as identifying features like the size of the fruit and the color/texture of the skin and pulp. Despite their singularity, however, there are many similarities which has resulted in the establishment of Flavor Profile groups that are meant to help categorize the vast sea of fig tree varieties.

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Adriatic Figs

With their dark green skin and blood-red interior, Adriatic – or green berry – figs are some of the most attractive, photogenic varieties out there.

Bordeaux Figs

Bordeaux figs are sweet and complex, but often have another layer of slight acidity that's reminiscent of a raspberry.

Dark Berry Figs

With dark skin, rich syrupy flesh and a complex strawberry-sweet flavor, Dark Berry figs are a standout.

Exotic Berry Figs

These figs are sort of miscellaneous because they boast some atypical fig flavors, from melon and banana to peach.

Honey Figs

Just like the name suggests, Honey figs boast a light and refreshing flavor profile that's reminiscent of pure honey.

Sugar Figs

True to their name, Sugar figs are very sweet and, at peak ripeness, can be the sweetest fig available.