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2023 update: This year, when grown in the ground, all figs aborted. I am not sure why, as all the in ground trees were very productive this year. It is leading me to believe it could need the wasp? That is weird, because the year before, in a pot, there were some ripeners. For now, if you are in the wasp zone, you should be good. Outside the wasp zone, you may want to pass for now, until I collect more data on it.

Trinacria is an interesting fig. It is early to mid ripening and has a unique color combination. The skin is dark purple/black and the flesh is almost white. It is very sweet and the most attractive quality is its resistance to splitting. We had days of continuous rain here in August and all the figs were split and spoiled. The only ones that made it through unfazed was Trianacria.

Price is for 1 cutting.

About Our Cuttings

» Cuttings will have at least 3 nodes with a thickness greater than a pencil (most like a marker) and are about 6-10 inches in length.

» The product image shows actual cuttings from our nursery & is meant to demonstrate the average size of our fig tree cuttings. The photo is not an exact representation of this variety.