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Michael Grace Mystery

$75.00 USD

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The late, great fig collector Michael Grace found this fig down in Baltimore many years ago. He was apparently really excited about it. For those who knew Michael, he was careful with his finds and was selective with whom he shared varieties with. My friend Dan from Md was lucky enough to be a recipient of this find. Dan kept it for about ten years before meeting me last year. He brought me a nice sized tree to see if i could identify it. I can say it has some characteristics of a Mt. Etna fig, but the figs are considerably larger and they have a slightly flattened bottom. Additionally, the flavor is absolutely bursting with sweet berry flavor. They were earlier than any of my Mt. Etnas as well. The tree is also supposed to be quite hardy. This is an exciting find, and I thank Dan C. for sharing it with me. I hope many can enjoy this variant .