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Cold-Hardy Pack #5 - Starter Pack


We have run out of stock for this item.

Cold-Hardy Packs consist of 10 total cuttings – five (5) fig tree varieties with two (2) cuttings of each – that are ideal for growing in Zones 6-7. (See below for varieties contained in this pack.)

All cuttings contained in the pack are from fig trees that have grown in-ground and unprotected here in Lancaster, PA (Zone 6B) and have fruited fairly well for a number of consecutive years. (Protection would no doubt increase yield substantially, but we have been happy with the dependable volume we get every year.) As a result of in-ground growing, the thickness of the cuttings is much better than container-grown trees – these cuttings are large, heavy and full of energy!

Starter Pack includes:

  • Adriatic JH » This is a great green fig with blood-red interior. It is a later-ripening fig but has great flavor in spite of cool weather while ripening in the fall. It also exhibits good winter resistance. Very visually stimulating. Delicious fig, vigorous.
  • Lyndhurst White » Green sugar fig extremely large figs, very productive and responds well to dieback.
  • Peter's Honey » An old favorite. Just like the name, pure honey with drop of honey leaking from the eye to keep the bugs out. It ripens early September in a pot, later in the month when in the ground. Has good winter resistance.
  • Unk Sicilian Dark » Found in Leola, PA. Brought from Sicily and planted in 1972. Very hardy and productive. It is extremely vigorous and productive. Very good dark berry fig. One of the most heavy producing varieties.
  • Verte » This seems to be similar to Green Ischia. A highly productive green berry fig. Five lobed leaves and ripens in September. I have it in the ground as well, but it does not yield many figs.
About Our Cuttings

» Cuttings will have at least 3 nodes with a thickness greater than a pencil (most like a marker) and are about 6-10 inches in length.

» The product image shows actual cuttings from our nursery & is meant to demonstrate the average size of our fig tree cuttings. The photo is not an exact representation of this variety.