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Cold-Hardy Pack #2

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Cold Hardy Pack consists of 10 total cuttings – five (5) fig tree varieties with two (2) cuttings of each – that are ideal for growing in Zones 6-7. (See below for varieties contained in this pack.)

All cuttings contained in the pack are from fig trees that have grown in-ground and unprotected here in Lancaster, PA (Zone 6B) and have fruited fairly well for a number of consecutive years. (Protection would no doubt increase yield substantially, but we have been happy with the dependable volume we get every year.) As a result of in-ground growing, the thickness of the cuttings is much better than container-grown trees – these cuttings are large, heavy and full of energy!

Cold-Hardy Pack #2 Includes:

  • Carini - English Brown Turkey type, sweet flavor, hardy and productive
  • Lyndhurst White - Green sugar fig extremely large figs, very productive and responds well to dieback
  • Makedonia Dark - Dark berry fig, extremely productive and early. Responds extremely well to dieback.
  • Rockaway Green - Adriatic green berry fig with very tight eye and appealing.
  • St. Anthony - Honey-sweet yellow fig. Early ripening, thick skinned variety with good rain resistance.
About Our Cuttings

» Cuttings will have at least 3 nodes with a thickness greater than a pencil (most like a marker) and are about 6-10 inches in length.

» The product image shows actual cuttings from our nursery & is meant to demonstrate the average size of our fig tree cuttings. The photo is not an exact representation of this variety.